Digital Deepak Internship Program – Review

Who am I and How did I join this program?

I am Bhuvana, with 5+ years of experience in IT industry. I came across the word “Digital Marketing” during the covid 19 lock down period. I literally don’t know anything about Digital marketing during that time. While surfing across face book, I came across an advertisement regarding the free webinar on Digital Marketing. I didn’t even notice that who is going to teach and all. For time pass, I attended the webinar. It was the first time I came across Digital Marketing.

I looked into internet and found plethora of information and I don’t know where to begin and how to begin. There were many sources found from which we can get the entire online video courses on Digital Marketing for very less price. But there were no information or reviews about them. I was also not sure about the quality of the content they provide. I personally don’t believe in just watching and learning something You won’t even remember anything unless you do it practically. Once you do it, you will start exploring things. It is not like something you can just memorize and do it like many people do in schools and colleges.

I came to know about Digital Deepak and attended one of his webinar. Then the next webinar was about DD interacting with Karan Shah. That was very interesting and then I signed up for his free 25 courses on Digital Marketing and started to take the lessons on Learning Management System(LMS).

 After 5 – 6 sessions with DD, I came to know about DDIP – Digital Deepak Internship Program. I read reviews about the course in Google and got many positive reviews in YouTube and blogs as well. The fee was very less when compared to what other training institutes provide.

Since I started with his free course, I was able to cope up things easily. I like the way how he teaches. So I thought why shouldn’t I join this internship program. The only thing that makes this program different from others is you have to work practically to earn what you invested. You will be earning more than what you have invested  if you submit assignments on time. So technically this program is free of cost and full of knowledge.

I was waiting for the opportunity to join and  after one month I got to join in Batch 6. So far I found this course very useful and I have received cash backs for all the assignments I have submitted. Right now I am doing my Week 7  assignment.  I am really happy about joining in this internship program.

Who is going to conduct this internship program?

It is Digital Deepak a.k.a Deepak Kanakaraju. He is one of the top Digital Marketer in India with 12+ years of experience in Digital Marketing industry. Deepak himself will be conducting this internship program along with other mentors who will help us in clearing our doubts and guide us to complete the assignments.

You can view more information about DD here in this link

 He is the founder of PixelTrack. You can find more information here

Digital Deepak Blog:

Youtube channel:

You can also read Google reviews, Type “Digital Deepak internship program review” and you will get lots of reviews from previous batch interns.

What is this internship all about?

This internship is about Digital Marketing and it is a Paid internship with Cashback.  All the modules in Digital Marketing will be covered theoretically as well as practically and you will be able to do work on your own after the completion of this internship program. The duration of the internship is 12 weeks.

Where is this internship going to happen?

This internship is purely online based. You will be accessing your weekly activities, payment related stuffs and assignment submission everything through the Learning management system which DD will provide access after signing up into the internship program. You will also be provided additional webinars specifically for the interns in which Digital Deepak shows us all about his own strategies and tools he uses. All that you need is a laptop and a good internet connection and passion to learn digital marketing.

When is this internship going to happen?

So far there have been 7 batches. Batch 8 internship enrollment is in progress.

Why choose this Digital Deepak Internship Program?

First is the fee is very less when compared to other courses that is available throughout the internet.

Second, the course is well organized for beginners to advanced level. So you do not have to panic about whether you are a newbie and how to cope up.  Those things will be taken care of Digital Deepak team. And this program gives us an opportunity to get your hands dirty by actually working out the concepts that you learn. You will able to set up your own blog and you can experiment your learning and explore your knowledge in Digital Marketing.

Third, you can earn what you have invested and more than that as well. Can’t believe it right? But Yes it is true. Each and every week after the training, assignments will be released. If you submit your assignment on time then you will be earning cash back. You might even wonder whether it is true or not. I am on Batch 6. So far I have completed 5 weeks of assignment and I have submitted for week 6 assignment.

As I mentioned earlier, I have submitted my week 6 assignment and the assignment is in “Waiting for Approval” state. So once it is approved, it will be updated as specified above.

In the screenshot shown, till week 5 my assignments have been approved and they payment is processed and it is sent to my bank account. Probably you will receive payments within a day or two once the assignment is approved.

If incase, in your assignment if they find out anything that needs to be corrected then they will provide you an option to resubmit and still you are eligible for cash back.

The fee of the course changes for each and every batch. There is high demand for this internship right now. So the fee might vary. But still I would strongly recommend this internship program as the hard earned value of money is efficiently and completely utilized.

May be after batch 10 the price of the internship might increase drastically. But the cash back structure might also change. So I would personally suggest to make use of this golden opportunity for enrolling in the batches 8, 9 and 10 internship program from which you can get to learn the same content of digital marketing earlier, free of cost and will also help you to place 2 to 3 steps forward when compared to others in market.

How to join in this internship program?

          There is a link specified below for joining the internship program. You can click on that and you can fill out a form. You will be then contacted by Digital Deepak for the internship launch webinar where he will tell you all the information about the internship program. You can also ask your queries regarding the program to him directly.

                   Click on this link to join DD internship program

          Even if you don’t know anything about Digital marketing, they will be teaching you from scratch. So you don’t have to worry. But please don’t expect everything will be spoon fed. All the necessary things will be taught. But you have to explore incase if you want to know more about the concepts.

           I can assure you that all your queries will be addressed to your satisfaction and all the mentors will be happy to answer you. Just in case, if you feel only Digital Deepak can answer your queries then there will be Q&A session webinar where all your queries can be discussed. This happens every week. So the content of the week will be released and you will be given 2 – 3 days time to go through the content and after that Q&A will happen. This session will help you to complete the assignments. Along with this you will have interactive session with mentors and they will give you much more knowledge on the topics.

I would like to answer few of the Frequently asked questions and few of them I had and DD clarified before joining this program.

Many people ask its just giving the money back which I invested earlier. What is special in this program?

If someone gives something for free of cost, then we won’t be knowing the value of it. This statement is true in all the cases. You will concentrate on learning and working so that you submit assignments on time inorder to receive the cashback. Digital Deepak provides knowledge which is very much worth more than what you invest technically at free of cost.

Is it for newbie or do I need to know anything prior joining into this program?

This program is specifically designed in such a way that anyone who doesn’t possess any knowledge of Digital marketing can join and also benefit from this course.  Deepak teaches us from the basics to advanced topics. DDIP is a power packed practical learning program. You will gain confidence once you start working on it.

I am a software developer and I dont even know anything about Digital marketing. Even I can able to learn and do the assignments. If I can do, then anyone can do.

Apart from this people from all over India have enrolled in this course. I get to know people and feel great working with them.

Is this program good for experienced people in this Digital Marketing field?

Yes it is. Deepak covers all the topics till the advanced level and he shares his experience through out the internship journey. No one will show their own strategy and their statistical data. But he does. Specifically for interns, he does many webinars where all the interns from previous batches will also be given privilege to attend. So even after completing the internship program, you will still be able to be in touch with the Digital Deepak training program.

Will I be able to cope up with other interns?

Yes you can. There will be a private group specifically for interns where you will have a DD & specific mentor(who will be available for you anytime for resolving your queries and help you out in understanding the assignment for completion)  for your batch and your fellow interns will help you as well.

There will also be Q&A session where we can ask our queries and request more information to our mentors. They will help you out in providing clarity/information on the assignment and topics.

The mentor which we got in Batch 6 is Divya Kothari. He is such an amazing person who responds to our queries on time. He is calm and composed person who helps us with multiple Q&A sessions and he provides additional real-time examples and helps us to overcome our difficulties.

He doesn’t only guides us but also he will suggest books regarding the topic of the week and encourages us to read. His guidance is quite remarkable.

Regarding the payment, how we will be getting it? Is it true that we get cashback?

Yes, it is true. There is an LMS (Learning Management system) portal where you will be getting all the information regarding the internship, assignments and payments. DD will proivde information on how the payments will be made and how much amount will be provided as cash back for each and every assignment. Cash back amount varies for each and every assignment. All this information will be given by DD during the launch webinar. Once you fill the application form provided in this link, you will get confirmation email and details regarding the launch webinar where you will be provided info regarding the course.

Incase, if you find any issues in getting your cashback, then the support team in pixeltrack will solve it within few hours. Special thanks to the support team.

How and what am I doing my assignments as a newbie in Digital Marketing and how am I utilizing this program?

Each and every week there will be a session released from Digital Deepak on a specific topic. I will go through the topic and take notes and gather some more information on the related topics. Then I will attend the Q&A webinar session from DD and our specific mentor. We will get more clarity on the assignments and the topics as well during this session. In addition to it, DD and the mentor will suggest some good books in the specific topic. There will be decent amount of time given for us to submit the assignments. Each and every day if we could spend an hour then we will be able to submit the assignments way before the deadline.

As a part of assignment, I was very excited when I set up my own blog and Google it. It felt really great when you see the first step of creating your brand on the internet. Many people find difficulty in finding out their niche. Deepak taught us how to narrow down from multiple niche to one particular niche and the importance of having one niche.

Trust me guys, this internship within 6 weeks I can see tremendous change in myself. I have improved a lot in terms of thinking, speaking, listening and writing. And I have started using tools like mindmeister for mind mapping in my day to day life as well. This internship program not only teaches you concepts but also it personalizes yourself and conceptualize your thinking. Each and every assignment pushes me out of my comfort zone. I am seeing different version of myself each and every week.

I have purchased his mastery course as well. Overall it feels excited for me to learn Digital Marketing from Digital Deepak.

Anybody can join in this program but the primary requirement is to have interest and passion towards learning Digital marketing and exploring new things. If you have these then you will definitely succeed in learning and  completing this internship program and you will land up in a job or become a freelancer or mentor or you can yourself start an agency in Digital Marketing.

And there are bonus week in this internship program which will help you choose your career based on your interest and you will be specifically trained on what interests you. It can be either Freelancing, Affiliate Marketing, Mentoring and Personal branding and land in your dream job.

If you are interested to join in this Internship Program, you just fill out the form by clicking on this link

I hope I have covered most of the questions and I believe this post will give you an insight about the Digital Deepak Internship program.

Feel free to post your questions in the comment box below so that I can answer your queries. Incase if you want any other information/links I will be really happy to provide you with the information.

I hope you liked my article. This is my website which was designed as a part of  week 4 assignment.

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